Installation for solid surface and laminate countertops

Option 1:  We install

Includes in-house measuring, delivery and installation.

Installation for solid surface countertop is approximately 4 weeks from placing your order . Installation time is 5-7 hours. Solid surface countertops are laser measured to create an exact template – even if your walls aren’t perfectly straight. (We install is recommended for solid-surface countertops).

Installation for laminate countertops is approximately two weeks from placing your order. Installation time is 3-5 hours.

Option 2:  You Install

You provide exact measurements and pick up your finished countertop. Sink and tap cutouts are not available on this option.

Pick up for solid surface countertops is approximately 3 weeks.

Pick up for laminate countertops is 2 weeks.

Note: Custom Made countertops (post form with wood edges): Delivery and installation time varies depending on design requested.